Game not able to load further

Game won' load further unless there is access to my friends list. I don't want the game to have access unless it's my choice too and since none of my friends the game. And DON"T like that when it was working to level 99 (with the decline of the access every time I wanted to play)that loading to get to level 100 since waiting to be able to play again it asks me again for the access, but I decline and it now just stays says loading with pointed hand or whatever. Doesn't load all the way through to game itself so I can play the next level Don't disregard this question just because others may not have this problem or as of yet. Please fix so I can play WITHOUT having you needing access to my friends list and without it asking if I want to do so. If I want to do so I should do or change that at my discretion on my Facebook settings. Thank you.


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