Can't move on. Stuck at level 30 - even when I solve the level & win.

For over a week, the game is not letting me move past level 30 - even when I win & solve the level.  After every game I play, I get a "oops, reload the game" message, and get reset back to level 30.  I am using Chrome as a browser, and yes my flash player is fully updated.  There are no other applications running and I've cleared all my cookies and the cache.


  • KingsPinnKingsPinn Posts: 3,526 New Bee

    Try it in another browser then, that will tell you if maybe Chrome is the issue. 

    This is normal a connection issue. If you have tried all those things then I'm not sure what it could be. I just checked my level 30 for you and it worked fine when I passed. 

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