WHY...Shuffle Cats is RIGGED!!!

PattiMPattiM Posts: 4

KING.com SUCKS!! I know it's a business but we - the ones supporting your company, are tired & frustrated by playing hand after hand where the opponent wins immediately with a stacked hand and we have 1 or 2 useable cards. If it happened every once in a while, it would be understandable, but when it happens in WAVES (10-20 games in a row) it really makes you think you're being CHEATED BY KING.COM!


  • Johnny_RyallJohnny_Ryall Posts: 3,867 ✭✭

    Hello Patti,

    I think it's important to remember that the game is player vs player, so its only ever the other players or yourself, that benefit from a win in the game. Of course, the tutorial levels are automated but this is just to teach you the rules of the game.

    If another player wins, this is not cheating, just focus and say, next time, I'm gonna win!

    Kind regards,


  • Gina-11Gina-11 Posts: 1

    The game is definitely rigged.   There are many bots on the game, and it is designed to manipulate you into spending money for more gems.   First I was losing more than would be considered random chance, and my skills are at least average.  Then the game "allowed" me to win A LOT of games in a row, so that I had more than 200,000 gems.  I was also the top of the leader board.  Then someone started to catch up to me at the top of the leader board, and I was tempted to play more to keep my #1 spot.  Sure enough, I started losing then.  And I lost all those 200,000 gems in one day.  The idea was to make me feel competitive to try and beat that person for the number one spot, which I did not do, so it made me lose all my gems so I would buy more and keep playing.  I don't mind spending money for a game I enjoy, and I had considered buying some gems and spending money on this one, but I don't like being manipulated that way.

    What a shock, that massive winning streak where I won over 200,000 gems in one day?  Just random chance, right? Ha. I haven't even been able to get a 3-win streak again since that day.  Rigged game!

    Lately, every opponent I play gets a handful of melds right off the top, and I get nothing.  Getting slammed before I even get a chance to build up some melds in my hand.   This happens way too much lately to be random chance.  It's just like when I was magically winning every hand, for like 16 games in a row. The game is rigged.

  • Yes this game is rigged.  The game distributes the cards and you can’t tell me that after 20+ games that I only get random cards.  I am an experienced player and know that I won’t win every hand but it is getting frustrating when my opponent who is much lower than my experience level gets all the right cards immediately!  It is frustrating because I love the competition but after playing hand after hand of crap is making me not want to play again.  Usually when I log out and log back in the cards seem more evenly distributed.  I think I am going to eventually stop playing and try to find another game that is based on skill.  Tired of the cards being rigged more often than not.  I can also see when the cards are rigged in my favor, not fair to my opponent.

  • Yes, this game is definitely rigged.  When you play 20 games and DON'T WIN ONE GAME it is certainly rigged. I love how the opponent can go out in 2 hands or when they put down four cards and all of them are lightening streaks and you lost all your points.   Also, pay very close attention to cards being played by opponents that you had discarded and they didn't pick them up.  And WHY is the opponent always from another country and the profiles are more than likely made up!!!   Just a big joke and trying to scam money off of people,thankful I have never wasted a dime on this game!!!! 

  • This game needs removed!!! Not sure how this company gets away with fraud!!

  • I agree the odds do not add up.

    I’ve only been playing a few days and the huge amount of losses are fuelling my depression. I’m afraid I’m going to have to quit playing what I hoped would be a fun game.

    After the tutorial I won several games and built up gems. After that all I seemed to do was lose. I even purchased some gems (big mistake) but it took those away within the hour.

    What on earth is the incentive to purchase gold bars and gems if when you do you just lose almost every game you play and run out extremely quickly.

    And I think I’ve seen no more than about ten different players in total - I just keep getting the same people over again no matter what time I play.

    It’s infuriating to be beaten by an opponent in two or three turns and not even get a meld.

  • Ke_VinKe_Vin Posts: 1

    I did a test.  Kept saying 'that was lucky' over and over. All of a sudden, I started losing. With the same problems. Drawing cards that didn't play, but the cards I dropped, my opponent could use and went out fast. My % went down. I don't think this was a coincidence. 

  • Ke_VinKe_Vin Posts: 1

    So, I just lost about 7 games in a row. I finally won a game. Looking at the leader board and im 4th with 100. U do the math. KING its tooooo obvious. Love the game. But, let up.

  • Ke_VinKe_Vin Posts: 1

    This game should come with LUBE cuz your ALWAYS getting F***ED

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