Why cant i get past 185 on Pyramid solitaire saga on my p.c?

I cant seem to get past 185 on pyramid solitaire saga on my p.c why? but on my mobile seems ok.

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  • Why is this question vinked as solved? The question has not been answered...

  • ecagle1968ecagle1968 Posts: 2
    I am having the same issue, of not being able to past level 185 in pyramid solitaire saga. how do I advance to the next level
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 1,368 Community Moderator

    Congratulations on unearthing the last levels of Pyramid Solitaire Saga, what an amazing achievement! 

    From here onwards, the path of the Pyramid will be uncovered only on mobile, where new and fresh levels will be released on a regular basis.

    Head on to your app store and download Pyramid Solitaire Saga today. You can synchronise your progress with Facebook so you can continue your quest uninterrupted.

    Good luck unravelling the Pyramid's mysteries :)

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