I purchased an item on my Android device but haven’t received it

If you purchased an item but didn't receive it, our Customer Care team will be delighted to take care of this for you.

Simply follow the guidelines of this article here.

Please make sure you take a copy of the order confirmation sent to you by Google Play when the purchase was made, we'll be responding back to your contact to request this. Just open the email and take a screenshot of the email, ensuring the order reference code is visible in the screenshot. It looks like this 'GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345

For guidance on how to take a screenshot, please go to www.take-a-screenshot.org

If you no longer have the receipts, you can find them here in your Google Play Payment Centre (formerly 'Google Wallet'), by following this link. Just scroll down to 'Find your Receipt and Order Number': https://support.google.com/store/answer/6160235?hl=en

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