I am stuck on a level, what can I do?

We can 100% assure you that our games are not fixed. You can complete every level without boosters or extra moves. If you are stuck, these tips may help you pass those frustrating levels.

Skill, tactics and, yes, luck

Our harder levels require skill, tactics and a little bit of luck. Luck is a factor because most of the game board is randomly generated each time you try a level. In harder levels, some random layouts can be easier than others, which means you can make a few more mistakes and still pass the level.

Devise a strategy

Hard levels are a puzzle, and you need to devise the right strategy to solve them. There are usually clues indicating what you should tackle and when. For example, if half the tiles in a level contain a blocker, concentrate on clearing the blockers before you tackle other objectives.

Daily bonuses

Some of our games have free daily bonuses like extra moves and boosters, which can give you breathing room in harder levels. Make sure you play daily; the more consecutive days you log in, the better the free bonuses.

Check our Tutorial videos 

We have a lot of tutorial videos made by our best players and it's just here for you.

Search YouTube

You can find tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for levels on YouTube. You can do this by searching the game name and the number of the level you need help with.

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