I purchased/received boosters and/or lives on one device, but cannot see them when I play the game o

Your Facebook or King profile linked ‘player profile’ will store and synchronize your progress along with any Gold Bars you have in the game, so your Gold Bars are always kept up-to-date and you won’t have to play any level twice.

Whenever you receive gifted lives from your friends or win and buy boosters in any King games though, these are delivered directly into the memory of your device you're playing on, and these aren't synchronized by your player profile.

The reason for this is that your level progression and your Gold Bars need to be constantly updated and synchronized as you play, so they require a stable internet connection.

So you can play while offline, have no signal or perhaps are deliberately in 'Flight/Airplane' mode when traveling your boosters are stored in the device’s memory instead.

This means if you win any booster it'll be delivered only once, to the device you're playing on at the time and it won't be visible across multiple devices linked to the same player profile. It also means you have the benefit of being able to collect separate quantities of boosters if you use more than one device to play. 

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