Is my Android device compatible with the game?

As technology is constantly advancing, it's not possible to give a specific list of devices which are or not compatible, as this regularly changes.

To give some broad guidelines, if your device is older than 2 years since it's manufacture, it's possible the specification may no longer be sufficient to deliver the seamless and feature-packed content you're familiar with.

If your device is older, we can only provide recommendations which might free up the necessary resource to enjoy the game.

- Be sure to close other background apps, to maximise memory and processor

- Turn the device on a regular basis, as this clears down the background caching of data. Leave it off for 10 seconds as often as is practical.

- On Apple devices, turn off the spotlight search, as this saves memory.

If all else fails, don't forget you can play almost all of our games at or via Facebook!

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