How do unlimited lives work?

Unlimited Lives can be sometimes bought or occasionally are offered as a prize in many of our games. A great way to allow longer gameplay without having to worry about how many lives you have available in your heart-meter.

Unlimited Lives are controlled by a timer, so when they're won or bought, the clock will begin to 'tick' down until the timer reaches 00:00 and your game returns to the usual way of using lives.

It's important to know that the lives will continue expiring when you're not playing, so if you're playing to win them before going to bed or not playing for some time, be aware that they'll continue to count down while you're away.

Depending on how you win or buy your lives, you should be able to 'stack' them too - so if you make a purchase which includes Unlimited Lives and you have some you've just won, you should find the timer increases to include both.

Unlimited Lives are only valid in the game you win/purchase them on and cannot be transferred between King games.

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