Are you looking for the latest available levels in your game?

We recommend you regularly update your game and device software, to make sure you're getting the latest in levels, fixes, features and fun!

New level updates, additional features and bug fixes take place regularly, so making sure your device is regularly updated is strongly recommended, as we aren't able to do this on your behalf. Think of it as 'housekeeping' and better still, have your device do it automatically, so you never have to worry!

How do I update my game? 

If you own an Android device.

1. Tap the Google Play store, and go to My Apps & Games.

2. There you will find a list of all your apps that have a recent update on your phone.

3. Tap update to obtain the latest version of the game!

If you are experiencing any kind of issue trying to upgrade to the latest version of the game. Try updating your device with its latest system update version possible.

To set your device to automatically update your game, please follow the steps here :

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