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Have any of you noticed when you are playing a mini game how at times cards are pulled from underneath? It is really sad when companies cheat players and set the game. Or how you will get winning and then suddenly you dont win fir a long time. Well We decided to an algorithm and sure enough it is controlled.  Screen shot where the card is pulled from underneath. You people are truly sad sad sad. I am posting ti Facebook so more are aware. 


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    Hi @yaya59 ,

    Welcome to the Community. I would like to remind you that this place has some Guidelines that need to be followed by all of us in order to keep this place nice and clean. Please read them and follow them if you wish to stay here with us.

    In regards to your post, I have to inform you that your message is incorrect. We do not have any controlled algorithm and we do not cheat or fool our players. Quite the opposite actually, our games are all free to play and we always make sure that we have games that are accessible, easy to play and that provide the most possible fun to our players. We have our ways of monetising our games, like all companies do, but those are legal and clear and we never try fooling our players. We always do our job with the upmost respect to our communities of players. We have a very strong legal department as well that makes sure we do not do anything like what you mention on your message. 

    And to be honest, we are truly happy here! We have hundreds of millions of players and we receive plenty of positive feedback every day that helps us keep working as hard as we do every day!

    I am sad to see you differ but we understand that, with such a wide audience, we cannot please everyone always.

    Have a great day!


  • yaya59yaya59 Posts: 3
    You are going to deny a screen shot of the pulling of a bottom card? You do set this up or you would not to that, plain and simple!
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