(Competition finished) What level are you on? - 100 Gold bars at stake!



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    Geben Sie Ihren Kommentar ein

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    At the top left is:

    Home - Games - Jobs and Left Settings

    And that's where you go.

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    At the top of your profile is a bell that shows you all notifications.
    You go for it and you can read everything. At the bottom of the right are button with comments and discussions, there you can go on it and it shows everything from you.

    Maybe that's what you're looking for.

    Slowly, the ideas run out of ideas to help me.


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    You can also click on your picture from your profile and you are on your profile and everything is there.

    At the bell, the settings are what you want it to be displayed to you. Where you can go to read it and answer it.

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    The competition is long gone. Don't need to say anything more!

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    You still have a lot of difficult ones ahead of you. I am now at 405.

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    Thank you. That's still the only game I can play on PC. Just good that there aren't as many levels of this saga. I think about 650.

    It's not my favorite saga, as you also hang on to every level for a long time and play without a booster.

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     Are you a German player? Why are you writing each level in here now? I see you are a PC player. I am over 400 and am happy when this saga is over.

     Have fun.

     Greeting Peggy from Germany <3


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