Once again the 23rd day has been taken off the daily calendar on 2 of my device's!!! Why don't they

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  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 983 Community Moderator
    Oh man, that's a bummer 😟

    It does look like something is wrong but if you can get back to me with your Game ID, I'll be happy to add the missing booster. (this link will help you find it: https://community.king.com/en/other-games/discussion/247524/what-is-my-user-id-and-where-can-i-find-it).

    Thanks 😉 

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    Neither of my devices have that option😑 every other time they have done this, they've given me gold to buy the boosters & always on the correct device. If I click on "save my progress" it will connect me to FB & I'll lose ALL my boosters when I disconnect from FB! A fabulous idea would be to FIX the problem so it Stops happening!!!
  • sconscon Posts: 27 ✭✭
    So the 23rd day has been returned on one device but not the other😑 
  • sconscon Posts: 27 ✭✭
    They gave one back, just to take it away again!!! WTH is WRONG with King?!?
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 983 Community Moderator
    Nothing wrong with King, just a little glitch on the game app it self 😉 Don't you worry as this doesn't stop you from playing the game, you just need to play on the device you have received the free items from. 

    I will still have to report this so you should have the option to see the game ID when you select "Save your progress", no need to connect to Facebook, just follow the steps: https://community.king.com/en/other-games/discussion/247524/what-is-my-user-id-and-where-can-i-find-it 

    Thanks :) 

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    Game ID #one 1343889556.  Game ID #three 10319516870 The "glitch" also happened on my other phone last month! Game ID #two 8344659112
  • sconscon Posts: 27 ✭✭
    You have my game IDs & STILL the 23rd days bonus is gone. I'm so sick of Kings glitches not being made right!
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    Hi @scon and welcome to our adorable Community 😊 @QueenB already adressed your issue. I have to ask you to be patient a few more days as they are out of the office until Tuesday due to holidays. Thank you for your understanding. Have a wonderful weekend 🤗
    You can find out more about our Superstars here

    The only way outside is inside. Namaste 🙏🏻
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    Having to deal with the Same glitch & Nothing ever being done to FIX the problem, is completely frustrating! I'll thank you to be patient & understanding of my frustration! 😡
  • sconscon Posts: 27 ✭✭
    Well it's clear to me now that NO help will be given! Thanks once again for absolutely NOTHING😡 you people are worthless!
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 983 Community Moderator
    @scon Apologies for the delay!

    We understand this can be frustrating with the inconsistency between devices. 

    We have reported this to the studio however, it doesn't look like it will be fixed any time soon.(I want to be honest with you)!

    You mentioned earlier that you are able to accept the reward on one of the devices, we recommend you play on the device  you can benefit from the reward. 

    We normally do not compensate items that are for free but, we have made an acceptation this time so check your game 😉

    Again, we're truly sorry for the inconvenience caused and hope you can still enjoy the game.


  • sconscon Posts: 27 ✭✭
    What a SCAM!!! What I said was...it happened on my other device LAST month😤 Clearly if I want to play...I should justearn to live with it because King is NOT going to fix it😡
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