Why is Mr. Claws taking all my big peppers?

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Oh no!  What's going on?  What is Mr. Claws doing?

Mr. Claws, the naughty cat, loves big peppers!  He is out to steal Pepper’s peppers. He moves his mechanical hand-contraption from row to row on the game board. Whenever you make a move, he nabs all the grown and partially-grown peppers in a highlighted row.   

Pepper needs your help.

Here is a hint that might help you ........  the path that he takes is predictable. Try to work on rows that are farthest away from him, and when he gets close, use vertical matches to drop your upgrade peppers below the row he is attacking.

Meet Sheldon ....

He is very helpful.  He quickly walks you through the game’s basics. He shows up again every once in a while to explain new mechanics or power-ups.  He has a couple of questions for you.  He would like to know how you learned about this game?  He just whispered in my ear "Ask them how they are enjoying the game".   

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