Game jumping to top+not finding internet

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Hi! For diamond digger saga, since the new update the game won't connect to the internet when completing a level but if I go home to the main game page it will connect (internet is always connected so this is a bug in the game). Also, I was going back and getting 3 stars on every level, and before the newest update once I completed an older level I would still be on that level's planet but now once I complete an older level the game jumps back to the most recent planet available each time causing me to have to scroll all the way back through the planets after each level is completed, which is frustrating because if I don't get 3 stars I want to play that level again until I do and don't want to have to scroll through a thousand + levels and their planets to get back to it every 2 minutes to play it again. I uninstalled the app completely and reinstalled it and logged back in but that did not fix the issues above. I tried customer service through the game but could only select the game was crashing and received an automated reply that did not address or give ideas to help resolve my issues. Please let me know how to fix this!


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    Hello @MzPhish10, Hearty Welcome to the Diamond Digger section of our friendly King Community :)

    I am sorry to hear about the issue in your game!!  I have not received the Update in my game yet, but I am also seeing the same "NO Internet" message as soon as I finish a level and it saves the points I have achieved (which is a good thing =) !! 

    Unless I turn off my iPad and open the game again, it won't show a check-mark next to the Internet icon and adds my stored in points!!  The Community In-charge team is out of office and will be returning tomorrow.  

    In the mean time, can you post back the details of (1) device you are using to play the game;
    (2) The version you have right now;
    (3) your King game User ID (it will be in digits).  You can find your ID through this link

    ** TO post back, tap on "Type your Comment" box located below.  

    Looking forward to talk to you again!  Have a nice day/evening!
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    Hi @Pummy Raj thanks for your reply! I too have had to close out of the app and go back in but every now and then it will reconnect to the internet just by exiting the level I just played. I too am very happy points are stored when this happens :)

    To answer your questions above:
    1.) Moto X4
    2.)(a)Android Version: 9
         (b) D.D.S.Version:
    3.) King ID: 9329178778

    Thanks again and looking forward to a reply soon! :)
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    Hello again @MzPhish10, Thank you for your immediate reply :+1:

    Would you like to try some troubleshooting steps?  I am not sure how much they help with our issue though... 
    Here it is for Android device
    Do not go with the "Re-installation" as it will remove all your saved up boosters  :o
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    @Pummy Raj thanks love! I have already reinstalled once to no avail :anguished: restarting hasn't fixed the issues either :( both phone and game are fully updated to latest versions so I guess now we wait and see!

    Thanks again!
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 5,114 Superstar
    Hello again @MzPhish10, so sorry to hear that :( 

    I will tag the Diamond Digger game in-charge @QueenB to look into the issue and report to the King Studio if needed :+1:

    Hoping for the Best!  Have a nice rest of the day/evening =)
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    Thanks for tagging me @Pummy Raj πŸ‘

    So let me make sure I understood the issues:

    1. You get an error message after completing a level that states you have no internet connection? Is this still persisting by the way?

    As long as your game progress is being backed up, your good but I can understand that it is annoying to get the pop up, but if you're trying to purchase extra moves and you get the pop up, let me know please and include a screenshot of the error message if possible as we haven't received any similar reports yet with images.

    2. You are no longer able to return to lower levels after the update! There is a new feature that is being tested at the moment where you get a random level to replay when on the last episode so this makes the game open automatically on the last level. 

    This is not an issue so it wont be fixed as it is part of the design but I'll make sure your feedback gets passed on to the studio πŸ˜‰

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  • MzPhish10MzPhish10 Posts: 14
    @QueenB, yes, every level I play has the same issue. As soon as I 'pass' it, there's no internet found and it stores points. I don't purchase anything, I don't know where that came from. I play a level, beat it and then points get stored because there's "no internet" except there is, the game just won't connect to it when I'm playing levels. I believe Pummy Raj explained it perfectly in what was also happening in their game so, that's at least 1 other report. Yes the error is annoying  but it also delays gameplay as each level I play and win is delayed substantially by it showing a red exclamation and grayed wifi image then  then showing how it's searching for connection then telling me there's none found, then saying don't worry we'll store your points and here they are, 1 by 1 being stored and we're all done storing them so NOW you can go to the next level.

    I've had the new "??? Play" feature for months and was always able to scroll back down and have the game stay on the planet I scrolled to. I do this because I want to get three stats and the play button gives me the same random levels over and over again, and most of them I have 3 stars on so there's no benefit to using that feature over being able to select my own level to play. 

    Updating the game 1x a month with only 10-15 new levels each month limits players on remainging interested in the game. Removing the ability to stay put on an older planet of the player's choice while awaiting new levels to come 4 weeks later(it takes roughly 1-2 hours to complete the 10-15 new levels) basically says "you can play, but only what and when we say". I believe it is a flaw related to the update, but, that's only because you say it's built in to the new play a random level feature and I say that new random level play feature has been there for a long time and I've always still been able to go back and stay put unless I was away from the game(or opened enough other apps on my phone) long enough that it took me to the orange King screen and refreshed the game or closed it altogether and reopened the app itself. Example: If I  scrolled all the way down and was actively playing level 1 and hit next or X'd out of the stars page after winning level 1, I could play level 2. Now, if I hit next or X out of the stars page it jumps to the most recent level available.  I should be able to play whatever level I choose, not only the levels King chooses.
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    @QueenB here's a screenshot of the game not finding internet
  • MzPhish10MzPhish10 Posts: 14
    @QueenB here's  a link to a video recording of me opening the game fresh, it connecting to internet and applying saved points, then me scrolling (see how long it takes? It's crazy to no longer be able to stay on that planet!) to an older level (you can see I have 3 stars on almost all of the first 300+ levels, so like I said earlier, I used to be able to stay where I had scrolled back to) playing and winning that level, internet not being found and when I close out I'm back at the very top most recent level. This, in my opinion, is a bug that should absolutely be fixed. Please reply. I'd appreciate it.
  • MzPhish10MzPhish10 Posts: 14
    Video didn't attach. Here's the link: 
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 2,327 Community Moderator
    Thanks for the video and details @MzPhish10 ;πŸ‘

    So the studio wasn't able to reproduce this issue so they recommended to try clearing the Google Play Store cache. 

    First delete the game app and then reset the Settings in the Google Play Store app:
    -Go to apps and find the app called 'Settings'
    -Locate the menu called 'Apps' or 'Application Manager' depending on the device model
    -Scroll down until you find the 'Google Play Store'
    -From here click on 'Clear cache' then 'Uninstall updates’ and finally 'Clear data'. Please notice that you will get a warning when clicking the 'Clear data' button - don't worry as it's just a reset.

    Restart the device and download the game again. Then open the game and reconnect it to your Facebook or Kingdom account to get back your played levels and Gold Bars.

    Note that you will lose any saved boosters and lives but we'll compensate you once the issue has been fixed!

    Let me know how it goes πŸ˜‰

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  • MzPhish10MzPhish10 Posts: 14

    I did all as instructed, and the issues both remain. :anguished: what now?
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 2,327 Community Moderator
    Bummer, the studio really thought this would solve the internet issue πŸ˜§

    Do you have this issue on any other King games and are you able to try the game on a different device? @Pummy Raj you mentioned you had this issue, does this still persists and how often does happen?

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  • MzPhish10MzPhish10 Posts: 14
    @QueenB, it doesn't happen with candy crush or pyramid saga, the other two games I play. They both stay connected to the internet and they don't jump back to the top when I finish an older level.

    I assume if they only thought it would fix the internet thing, that the game jumping to the top will have to wait for the next update? 
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 2,327 Community Moderator
    The part where the game jumps back to your current level is not an issue so this will not be fixed.

    I did pass on your feedback about the fact that it makes it harder to get to lower levels to achieve 3 stars however,  they are testing this new end of episode feature so they want to see this trough before making any chances.

    As for the internet issue, they have checked their system and they see no issues that might effect this so they wanted to know if the internet issue happens on different networks?

    Farm Heroes Saga - The studio is hunting for feedback, share yours here
    Royal Championship, whaaat πŸ§ Check it out here

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