(Finished) Win 50 Gold Bars if you can guess the names of the Cats!

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You have probably seen these cats when you open Shuffle Cats, but do you know what their names are? 

If you do, vote and comment to participate and get the chance to win 50 Gold Bars if you guess right!

You have until 8th of August 12:00 CET to vote and get Gold Bars 😉

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(Finished) Win 50 Gold Bars if you can guess the names of the Cats! 31 votes

Walter, Frank, Violet, Renée and Gary.
somyasoyamlushlips 2 votes
Shorty, Frank, Montie, Divine and Sphinx.
Ayoh_Tehdebzukie 2 votes
Nero, Whiskers, Ruby, Stella and Bob.
NHLadybugBhagu 2 votes
Walter, Frank, Montie, Ruby and Garland.
Eiliesha_JarmanSabrinaMSanDerkaCathyscott303ayaanNmcowamLeonyluanacbebayrabbitdarthsidiousHooeySus92mariacele123NinaPQueenBeeCnecoloandypozolunofilesheila44nrhawley8380 22 votes
Charlie, Pharaoh, Olive, Ruby and Bob.
territucker47AndreaGarrutiLawender 3 votes
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