Question on how to play Level 105?

MEBLoveMEBLove Posts: 3
I'm on Level 105 and the goal is to collect 75 toys. I know you have to clear the boxes with water to get the toys. But I don't know how to stop the little men in the center from exploding? This ends up blocking areas and adding more layers to the boxes making it impossible to finish. I couldn't find the answer in the instructions. Any help would be appreciated  :) Thanks 


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 1,909 Community Moderator
    Hi @MEBLove ;😃

    Are you still stuck on the level? The blocker you're having issues with is called the Angry Rock! 

    When matching diamonds next to it, it will generate a row and a column of rock blocks starting from the blocker to the nearest walls. Then you will need to match and clear diamonds more than once to remove them.

    You can read more about the Blockers here

    Hope this helps :)

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