DOES Pepper Panic END AT LVL 460

Tonya_ScanlonTonya_Scanlon Posts: 7
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cause i completed that lvl but got nothing come up to ask players to unlock next lvl n so at mo im redoing lvl 460 n obviously its a bit annoying if it does stop at that lvl then fair enough at least i will know n continue to help my friends with unlocking there next lvls n sending them lives 


  • JoshctcJoshctc Posts: 2
    Maybe you need to update the app. There are lots more levels than that. 
  • Tonya_ScanlonTonya_Scanlon Posts: 7
    posted this in the wrong section it was suppose to be for pepperpanic not papapear LOL 
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 1,864 Community Moderator
    @Tonya_Scanlon, welcome to the Community :)

    I'll move your question over to Pepper Panic page and yes, level 460 is the very last level! 

    Congratulations on your amazing achievement but we're sorry the Saga is now over, Pepper has finished his spicy quest and is heading off home.  

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