Scrubby Dubby - Tragedy

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I have to get rid of something!

A nice game is broken.

When you go into the community, it's not a front view like the other legends. The game in exists only in the PC version up to 560 levels, without help from boosters and gold bars. Which you should only buy there. There is an app to download, only those who are in start from scratch. As this is not compatible with the player account. What I don't see. If you're in Facebook, it's better because the player account is compatible. Anyone who is on Facebook can continue to play there.
There are no more competitions, which you get the opportunity to win gold bars to continue playing. That you move forward. Because in this saga - levels you hang forever. Nothing is done for this game. It is sorted out and thrown away. why? It's a game like any other. In this saga, new levels are to come, only in Facebook with this app.

I really don't understand the whole thing. I'd love to play it up to 560.
Because I am at 413. Wouldn't it be possible to get any help here? Because the game is designed: play or not play. I think it's a pity that it's handled that way. Not everyone is on Facebook and I don't sign up there either.

This game is doomed.

Please do something else with Scrubby Dubby!!!

All legends of are also Scrubby Dubby. Why is Kingcom different in its own page? Why is more done for Facebook? Facebook is nothing better than, right? Whether Facebook or Kingcom, both should be treated the same. Why are they disadvantaged in There are only players like in Facebook. I can not say anything good about making such big differences. It is unworthy of people that is sorted out. What do you want to achieve with it? Only the players of stop playing. If you want to keep your players in, please do something for it. More competitions to get gold bars would be a small help for us.

 Please, I appeal to your conscience.

 Sincerely, Peggy


♥ Where there is a will, there's a way ♥

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