Can't get past level 1121 without having to pay?

Really enjoyed game have followed some paths. Now it won't let me go onto level1121 without paying. I have never used a forum before and am 72 and taking instructions from son over the phone. Is this normal game behaviour or is something wrong?

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  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 2,790 Community Moderator
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    Thanks for the screenshot as I understand the issue now.

    It looks like you may be clicking on the Piggy Bank offer and not on the level and that is why you're getting prompt to make a purchase.

    See my screenshot attached, try to select the level and not the green button with 96 Gold bars on it.

    Let me know how it goes :) 

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  • Persephone46Persephone46 Posts: 4
    These are two images of the issue. If I press the X in the first image it then goes on to the second one and if I press to play the game, it then goes back the payment screen. This means I can't move forward without paying £2.49 which has not happened before.

    Note: Written by Persephone46's son as dictated as my mother only understands tablet mode and it took an hour to do the screenshots over the phone...
  • Persephone46Persephone46 Posts: 4
    Persephone46's son here. My mum couldn't work out how to log back in so asked me to leave a message saying thank you for your help.
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