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Hi Cats! 

You love our Shuffle Cats and want to help other players? 
You can become a Shuffle Cats Game Expert! 
How to become an Expert?

Have you been helping other players lately? Have you been active and engaged on the Community in the past months? 
If you answered yes to these 2 questions then you have high chances to receive a PM from one of our CM at some point! 

Each CM will be contacting you directly, if you are to be picked! 

Note that we cannot select everyone, so if you're not picked after a while, don't be sad, your turn will probably come at some point. 
 Remember that knowing about the game is not everything and we value helpfulfriendly and positive people! 

What do you get?

. The Expert Rank and Badge
. An Expert Signature
. Gold Bars in your game every month as a thank you for helping the Community!


We need Experts in every game, so don't be shy!

Please comment below if you have any questions.

Thanks and don't forget to have fun! 
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