Main Questions and Issues around the game- please read before posting!

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Hi everyone!
Please find below the Index of the main questions around Pepper Panic and the best answers around them!

Does Pepper Panic end at level 460? 
 Is there a Pepper Panic 2, or a continuation of the first game?

There are also these issues that are not specific only to Pepper Panicl but that might be the reason why you are here, so please check them out!

- Game is not loading/it's crashing/it's freezing:  Computer 
I made a purchase but have issues with it: Computer (Facebook)
What is my User ID and how can I find it?

Check also out our Superstar Guide - Pepper Panic Saga beginners guide

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  • DymmiDymmi Posts: 1
    Not sure what this means but I don’t have a computer only a phone and I don’t comment on anything I’m here to enjoy playing the games
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