What boosters can you activate before starting a level?

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These boosters must be activated before you start playing a level.  After you choose your booster you will have one sitting on the board that you can use when you open the level.

The Flameburst Booster grows all the peppers of the same color that you match it with.   It doesn’t affect the peppers that are trapped in ice so you will have to grow some peppers before you match it.  One of the best uses for this booster are levels that have peppers trapped in cages next to statues. 

The Heatblast Booster creates a powerful shockwave in both directions when you match it.  When matched with two other peppers of the same color it creates a shockwave like a five-pepper match in the shape of an “L” or “T” would make – only it’s more powerful.  The shockwave can shoot through obstructions like ice and carry on past them.

The Inferno Booster  grows all the peppers that are nearby it when it explodes.  When matched with two or more peppers of the same color it automatically blows up.  This explosion then grows all the surrounding peppers and makes it easier to get things started and set up a chain reaction.  This booster can be helpful when you need to complete orders quickly.  It could also be helpful in Mister Claws levels when you want to knock him out quick by starting a pepper panic. 

The Flame Grower Booster can be used to grow any pepper by three stages.   This will help explode a big pepper right away, or you can grow a small pepper and match it with other peppers of the same color to create an explosion.  It is useful in situations where you need to get a chain reaction going fast and don’t have enough grown peppers sitting around on the board.

The Hammer Booster can be used to remove peppers and obstructions. It is comparable to the Candy Crush Saga Lollipop Hammer booster  When activated you can hit a pepper, cage, ice, or statue by clicking on it.

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