What are the different types of power-up bottles?

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Power-up bottles can help you to complete challenging levels.

Vertical Bottle -  Match 4 soaps vertically and it can remove an entire column

Horizontal Bottle – Match 4 soaps horizontally and it can remove an entire row

Bomb Bottle – Match 5 soaps and it can remove a 3x3 area

Mega Cross Bottle - Clears a row and column

Mega Vertical Bottle - Clears three adjacent columns

Mega Horizontal Bottle - Clears three adjacent rows

Mega Bomb Bottle – Clears a 5x5 area

Can I combine power-up bottles?

Yes, you can match two power-up bottles to create a stronger power-up bottle

Combine a Bomb and a Horizontal to create a Mega Horizontal

Combine a Horizontal and a Vertical to create a Mega Cross

Combine two Bombs to create a Mega Bomb

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