What does the soap hammer and bottle power-up do?

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Soap Hammer can remove a single piece of soap or a blocker, so it can really help you out of a tight spot. It can be purchased with gold bars.  It is activated in-game by clicking the corresponding button in the button right corner of the screen. Click the same button again to deactivate it.

A bottle is a power-up formed by matching four or more soaps. Click a bottle to destroy a column, row or square of soaps, jails (Free Your Friends levels), foam squares (Foam Levels), pearls (Pearl Levels), or blockers. Combine bottles by bringing two or three adjacent to each other and form rainbow bottles, which are more powerful.   Please watch this video to learn how to create the bottle.

If you arrived here, you might want to start at the beginning of 'How to Play Scrubby Dubby Saga'   

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