Why won't you give players original new levels?

I am getting more and more annoyed seeing each new DDS episode being full of old, hated levels getting copypasted with difficulty tweaked up (by less moves or added obstacles). Not only the content is repetitive, levels you choose to revamp are one of the most remembered being too difficult. There is no fun in the challenge, if it's ridiculously hard and completely unoriginal.

Don't you think seasoned players deserve some quality content? Quit being lazy. Give us fresh new content.


  • Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 922 Community Moderator
    Hello @DoomHamster and welcome to our shiny Community!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts about the game with us. I'm sorry to hear that you think our level designers are being lazy- I can assure you they always do their best to deliver great levels and challenges to our players!

    What level are you on at the moment?

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  • DoomHamsterDoomHamster Posts: 9 Level 2
    Hi Lola,

    I am currently at 1811.
    I feel like DDS is being neglected as one of the oldest King games and probably not very popular to the date. It feels like devs go down the easiest way possible, reusing assets. It really sucks to replay old content time and time again. I wouldn't mind if new episodes came out twice less often, but would give something new each time.
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