Competition Badges!

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What are Competition Badges?

Competition badges are badges which are awarded when you participate or win in a competition.

What are the different badges?

There are different ways to earn different competition badges. Find the list here-:

●1st Year anniversary badges-(Not available now!):

1 Year Anniversary Quiz

I was here

●Beat the frog-(Not available now!)

Gold, silver and bronze

●Bubblegum Troll-King Chewy!(Not available now!)

●Candy day 2019(Not available now!)

Candy,Candy day

Candy Day Friends

Candy Day Soda

Candy Day Jelly

Candy Day Final

●Christmas 2019(Not available now!)

Holiday Rancid

Festive Puzzle 2019

Festive Elf 2019

Petrific Holidays 2019

●Candy Friends Champion(Available, Competitions for this badge are often released!)

●CCFS Story Master(Not available now!)

●Community Artist(Not available now!)

●Content Creater(Available but there is no competition for it!)

●Diamond Racer(Mysterious! No one knows if this will be available again or not!)

●DiDS Word Puzzle(Not available now!)

●Halloween 2019 badges(Not available now!)

Spooky Carrot

Spooky Crow

Spooky Crunchy

Spooky Frankenpipes

Spooky Garlic

Spooky Jelly Queen

Spooky Kitty

Spooky Mummy Card

Spooky Nero Dracula

Spooky Odus

Spooky Russian Dark Doll

Spooky Seagul

Spooky Shrooms

●Sherrif(Not available now!)

●Spring 2019 badges(Not available now!)-:

Hidden Barney

Hidden Blossom

Hidden Bob

Hidden Choochoo

Hidden Helena

Hidden Lucy

Hidden Misty

Hidden Mr Toffee

Hidden Panda

Hidden Papa Pear

Queen Jelly

Hidden Stella

Hidden Tiffy

●St Valentine's Competition 2019(Not available now!

●Superstars Contest Winner(Well, You have to ask Superstars for that! Tagging @Elsa !)

●The Community Mastermind(Not available now!)

●Valentine's(Not available now!)

Have a nice day!

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