Anniversary Badges!

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What are Anniversary Badges?

Anniversary Badges are also special markers like other badges. They are awarded as soon as you complete 1st year, 2nd year etc. with the community!

What are the different badges in the category?(All are available)

The badges under this category are listed below. Names of some winners are also written below-:

Badges with winners-:

First Anniversary @Shea_L_McGrath @anthogalidou @Ketan_Dave

Second Anniversary @Shea_L_McGrath @Ketan_Dave @angel647

Third Anniversary @Shea_L_McGrath @Ketan_Dave @Zee-2

Fourth Anniversary @Ketan_Dave @Djmoo1 @Boogie221

Fifth Anniversary @Ghislaine_Doucet @broncswin @roxyglitter

Sixth Anniversary No one here yet!

Seventh Anniversary No one here yet!

Eighth Anniversary No one here yet!

Ninth Anniversary No one here yet!

Tenth Anniversary No one here yet!

Ancient Anniversary Mysterious! This badge is known by no one. According to me this badge is for 11th Anniversary

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