Is the game similar to friends saga?

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Is the game similar to friends saga?


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    Hello @Jnunesjr Hearty Welcome to our friendly King Community 🤗

    I am sorry! Are you asking about the game Scrubby Dubby Saga OR some other game?

    If it is Scrubby Dubby Saga, then it is not similar to Candy Friends saga in many ways.

    I am not much higher in Scrubby Dubby levels, but, our friends (Facebook / Kingdom account) are added on to the board with matching the soaps.

    Whereas in Candy Friends, we match Candy and collect points to acquire various characters.

    Hope this clarifies! Please post back if you need further assistnace by typing in the comment box given below?

    Talk to you soon! Have a great rest of the day/evening!

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