Any Shuffle Cats tips for other players?

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Hello Everyone!

Do you play Shuffle Cats well? Is there any strategy you use? Would you like to help others by sharing the strategies?

Share all your strategies and tips below!!

Your strategies will help other players after all!

Keep sharing!

I will start with a strategy I use-:

Q) My gems have been exhausted and I want to play more. What should I do?

A) If your gems are-:

Possibility 1- Your gems are 50 or more. If this possibility is true then go to the streets and play the best you can. The higher is the difference between your points and the opponent's points, the higher gems you win! For every 1 point in the difference you win 15 gems. So make sure the difference is more than 3 so that you win gems instead of losing them. This also means that if you score 3 or less points then instead of winning gems, you lose them!(Difference of 1 point-15 Gems, 2 points-30 gems and 3 points-45 gems)

Possibility 2- Your gems are lests than 50. If this is true then you have no other option than to wait for 4 hours for 550 free gems!

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