Scrubby Dubby Saga is glitchy. Path Block!!!

I completed level 40 and there is a locked path block that prevents me from playing the next levels.  I don't have enough friends to help me unlock.  But, it is supposed to automatically unlock after some countdown.  I waited over three days for it to unlock, and during that time I went back and tried to get 3 stars on the levels I already played(which is impossible to get 3 stars on some levels due to frustrating glitches).  The timer on the countdown doesn't work.   A couple of days ago it said 16 hours left to wait.  Yesterday it was back over 3 days and many hours and minutes to wait.  Right now it says I must wait 1 day, 43 hours, and 31 minutes before it will automatically unlock.   I'm not going to spend the gold bars I have earned just to get past the glitch.  Is King Care going to fix it? 


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