Freezing Scrubby Dubby while loading at 90%

Reply to the issues about Scrubby to stuck while downloading: I have (still) the problem already for several months. I tried everything.....check and change Graphics settings, switch to other browser, clear caches.....nothing helps. At last I tried it by re-installing my pc to factory-installation. That even didn't I think it's time to put the ball in King's hands. They should tell us how to handle. They made that game, I guess they should be able to fix this small problem. I noticed that the afford (say respons) from King is very quiet, mysterious and MYSTIFIED. Please, come on! Are you too busy, or what?This problem is their for months..........clearing the cache is a too simple answer, especially if a more regular pc-user has this problem. Please, show some respect to your customers. Thank you, though, for making so many people happy.greetings Leon


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    Leon, King have millions & millions of players and I'm sure that there are thousands who play Scrubby Dubby with no issue, like me for example, my game loads and plays just fine. I've seen the main tech thread for PC's and the steps they recommend worked just fine for me. At the end of the day the game runs on Facebook, via your computer so immediately there are 2 other factors to consider there.

    If the game works fine for some users and not for others then I think the onus is on the player to research their issue.

  • Sorry, but your answer is not the answer what I was looking for. But you could figure that out yourself if you consider you asked my question and I gave you such answer. Of course, I know that I am one of the millions,. I also don't say my configuration is faultless. But they know exactly their game and can give some light where I can find the problem. I don't think King is incapable of answering my question. You don't need to do that for them. If you can't help to solve the problem seriously and only answers questions because you enjoy it, better keep silent..... You are not helping at all. Good luck to you. Leon. 

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