Why are players no longer allowed to give and receive the +2 moves booster?

There are 4 people in my family that have enjoyed your games on both the Facebook and King,.com platforms,. But now that we can no longer send or receive from each other the +2 moves booster, we'll no longer play,. We DO NOT spend REAL money to purchase anything on ANY site,. That includes Facebook, King,.com,.  On MANY occasions the extra 2 moves would have progressed any one of us past a particularly harder level making your games fun to play,. Now they're just frustrating to play,. You will be losing 4 players on Facebook and King,.com,. We won't be playing ANY of your games as they're ALL programed the same,. To just take money from people,. Thank you 


  • Tony_McTony_Mc Posts: 4,138 ✭✭

    Hi Scott K. Nabe,

    Thank you for posting this here on King Care.

    Your feedback is important to us and I appreciate it a lot that you chose our community site to do so.

    Kindest regards and have a great day,

    Tony - King Care Team

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