Question and advice about the new IAP 18 hour boost everything

First let me say I’m staring at my 15 new levels for the week not sure what to do.  Predictably, I’m doomed to lose in the Royal league, for one because I’m in it right now with 10,000 stars, 50th place and 15 new levels (I might win if I stupidly waste 100’s of hammers as a first move on a couple whales).  Last week I bought the new boost and rode Bubblegum hill (BgH) for at least 150 hammers without breaking a sweat and destroyed my league while 3 staring almost all of the first 200 levels.  I love this game so it was really fun for me.  

So my plan is to fall back to Diamond because there I can double win.  Will the booster IAP expire if I do the levels later in the week when I have a good BgH day?  

Also would pay for NG+ and

Diamond digger saga is terrible BTW why can’t I make color bombs?


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