My boosters disappear all the time

ophelielopheliel Posts: 3

All my boosters keep disapearing regularly.

What can I do to stop having this issue.

Can you give me back all my bonus (about 50 of each boosters joker card and all).

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  • XarlyXarly Posts: 1,966 Community Manager

    Hi opheliel,

    Boosters are connected to your device, and not to the Kingdom. If you change device then your boosters will remain in the previous one. If you reinstall the app, the same would happen. Gold bars and levels are stored in our database but boosters and lives are connected to the device, so that our players can play offline.

    If you can come back with more details of what is your current issue then we will be happy to look into it.



  • ReneeSimoneReneeSimone Posts: 10

    Sometimes I win some boosters in the game like extra moves or extra jokers but they disappear almost directly..Are they only valid för the next level you play? I only play on PC and I never change device.

  • ophelielopheliel Posts: 3
    I lost my boosters again. I always play on the same laptop. I don't understand why I keep losing all types of boosters all the time.
  • XarlyXarly Posts: 1,966 Community Manager
    Hi @opheliel ,

    Which platform do you play on? or Facebook? If you can also let us know your browser, it would be of great help.

  • ophelielopheliel Posts: 3
    Hi Xarly,

    I dowloaded the pyramid solitaire saga king app from the microsoft store.
    I play on my computer which runs on windows 10 family.
    I use google chrome.

    Thanks for your help
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