Bob has a couple of questions for you!

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Meet Montie!

In the world of Shuffle Cats, we play a card game known on the streets as Regal Rummy. It’s an intense game that’s easy to pick up but takes a lot of practice to master.  If you ever played Rummy then you will know how to play this game.
The object of the game is to create sets or runs.....

A Set consists of matching three or four cards of the same rank or number (e.g. 4 aces or 3 tens)

A Run requires you to make a match of 3 or more cards in a sequence.

Walter has a few tips for you..................

  1. Keep an eye on what your opponent's lucky charms. If they have the King and Queen charm, which gives bonus points for king and queen cards, do not dump those cards into the discard pile!
  2. Do a run in multiple goes. It can be tempting to wait until you have enough cards to do a big five or even six card run. But you don't need to wait: just drop three of the cards and then add onto it with two or three more later when you get the necessary cards.
  3. Have a couple ideas in mind. Don't bank everything on one run or set: you want a couple two-card sets/runs in your hand, so you've got double the chance of getting a viable set/run.
  4. Similarly, don't wait for the perfect card. If you're thinking "as soon as I get the six of spades I'll win!", you've got a pretty low chance of actually seeing that card any time soon. Diversify your strategy and have different ways to win.
Here comes Ruby .............
She wants to tell you all about Lucky Lane.

The best players from all around the world are on Lucky Lane, strutting their stuff and slinging Gems around like it’s going out of style!  It consists of the most exclusive Card Clubs! Similar to The Street, each one of these Card Clubs requires different amounts of Gems to enter and play a game. The stakes are a lot higher here and so are the amount of Gems required to play.  The rewards will also be higher! Welcome to the big time.

Before we leave, Bob has a couple of questions for you.

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