Wins and Losses

Hi! I'm new here.  Thank you for having me.

I've been enjoying Shuffle Cats for a long time now.  Just recently, it seems as though I've been losing A LOT, way more than I used to.  These aren't just normal losses.  My opponent is slaughtering me!  I mean, they've won in two to three plays, and I've got nothing.

It's almost gotten to the point that it's no longer fun to play.  

I'm not sure if people with a higher ranking are now getting better cards or I'm playing the computer, and it's getting better cards.  

I certainly understand it's a game, and we can't win 'em all, but my ratio of wins to losses is ridiculous.

I'm not sure if this can be rectified or not.  Just wanted to express my opinion.  Thank you for reading.


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