I want to play papa pear my kindle fire?

I play papa pear on my laptop at home but I would like to play the game on my kindle fire but don't want to side-load it is there any way I can just download it to my kindle please?


  • RandleRandle Posts: 1,977

    Hey Silverlady,

    I Googled this to check if the game is available for Kindle, but apparently it isn't officially.

    I guess it's up to you then if you want to download it on your device in an unofficial way. I have seen some apps out there with guidelines on how to get it on your Kindle, yet the app developers of those apps seem to charge you for that.

    Bear in mind that the principal of all King games is that they are free of charge to play. You shouldn't have to pay anything in order to play their games.

    It's available for iOS and Android if you happen to have any. 

  • junelynn63junelynn63 Posts: 3
    Same issue what is side loading?
  • junelynn63junelynn63 Posts: 3
    • Download an "apk" mirror file will work but the boosters and things you but won't but the game will play
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