Level too hard?

QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,823 Community Manager
Some levels can be challenging but with some good luck, patience and a clear strategy all levels can be beaten!

Every level is always thoroughly tested to make sure that it offers the right balance of challenge and fun and some levels are deliberately a lot more challenging than others - this is part of the game design and the fun!

If you get stuck on a level, please search for the game name and the level on Youtube to see how other players completed the level. If the level in the Youtube video is different please go to back to the search page and then select "Filters" above and choose "Upload date", to see the most recent videos to get the current version (if available).

We also keep a very close eye on player feedback relating to the levels, and at times decide to make these super tough levels less difficult in the future. Please comment below if you have any feedback on a hard level.

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  • ZulaycaroZulaycaro Posts: 1

    I love Papa Pear, but I stopped playing for a while, because in my country there were problems with the internet and it took a long time to load the game. Recently I started playing again and now I see that the papas were reduced to less than half at almost all levels. If they ask to collect 6 double pins and the chances are 7, it becomes very difficult and tedious. 
  • LittleMiixLittleMiix Posts: 10
    I really hate Papa Pear's level 1058. Is very hard i tried 16 attemps but i canΒ΄t pass it yet. Can you nerf that level like:

    -Give 12 papas
    -Put a fire booster
    -Only 1 lid in the buckets

    Thank u so much.
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