Can I Sync without using Facebook?

MiggyMiggy Posts: 5
I currently have games on my mobile devices that are synced using facebook. I would like to disconnect them from facebook. Can I do that and sync them through instead? 

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  • ElsaElsa Posts: 12,151 Superstar
    Hi @Miggy, I might be wrong but the word "sync" in my mind means combining 2 together.  If you don't want to play through Facebook anymore, have you ever played through the Kingdom before?  Have you ever synced the accounts?  If you had synced both together, then you can continue to play through the Kingdom because your progress will still be there.  You don't have to be logged into Facebook.  You can just log into the Kingdom.  If you never synced them together, I assume then you would want your progress transferred.  Please let me know if they are both synced together and then I can offer further direction.
  • MiggyMiggy Posts: 5
    Hi @Elsa Thanks for responding.  So far I play the games on apps on my phone and iPad and on Facebook and they are all synced - my progress is on all three.  What I would like to do is no longer have my games sync using facebook in case I decide to delete that account.  I'd only like to use my phone, iPad and  Do you know if I can do that and if so, how?  Thanks!
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 12,151 Superstar
    Hi @Miggy, I don‘t think you can unsync a platform so if you decide to delete that Facebook account would you be starting a new account and syncing it with the Kingdom?  If you delete it hat Facebook account once it is a permanent delete there won’t be any syncing anymore.
  • MiggyMiggy Posts: 5
    So, if I am not using facebook I can keep my progress, but it won't sync across devices? And, if I start playing on I have to start over, I can't sync it with the games on my existing devices?
  • MiggyMiggy Posts: 5
    Thank you so much for your help.  I don't have a account.  If I sign up for one now, is there a way to sync it to my progress on my mobile devices?
  • MiggyMiggy Posts: 5
    Your last response seems to have disappeared but it did work!  Thank you so much!
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 12,151 Superstar
    Thanks @Miggy for letting me know that it worked!
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