Papa Pear

eyeofngteyeofngt Posts: 1
Why has level 945 changed the amount you have to get to win the level???  watched the vedio and the only one of my friends that has beat it won with less amount than I have to have???   What is going on??  there is no way to get the amount you asking for on this level now.


  • darkgoddezzdarkgoddezz Posts: 1
    I agree!!!! I have played it so many times and never got higher than 2,800,000. It’s impossible. I watched you tube videos from Aug 2018 and they received more balls with a lower goal amount. Plus earn more points when they hit the double pins near the coconuts. HELP!!!!!
  • annaleeannalee Posts: 2
    I wasn't sure which category this would fall under, but this was my best guess. I play Papa Pear on desktop, and for some reason, none of my percentage progress/goals are being updated. @QueenMia
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