Paradise bay (READ, do not post your ID)

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    Hi I’m sorry to see you go I’m really going to miss you and Paradise Bay! May I have my gold put in PAPPA Pepper please my ID7*******. Thank you so much 😊 
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    Hello @Bubbles18 and Welcome to our Divine Candy Crush Friends Community! :chuffed:

    Unfortunately we cannot process your gold bars request for Paradise Bay here. However, if you please follow this link by our beloved Community Manager it provides details on how to get your gold:

    I hope this helps you get your gold offer processed without incident, and hope you have a crushtastic day! :3
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    Hey @Bubbles18, welcome to the Community!

    As @SeraphicStar explained, we do not credit the Gold bars in this case. You need to go to the game and send your request from there. Here are the steps for Papa Pear :)

    Access the Menu by clicking on the wheel icon > Then click on the ? icon > Select Customer Care > You'll be redirected to our Help Center. 

    Click on ANY article once in the help center to access the Contact option, as shown below:

    Your Gold will then be added within 48 hours! In the meantime, why not stick around and check our competitions to win extra free gold and boosters?! Just here

    Enjoy :star: 

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