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ellkayellkay Posts: 14 ✭✭
I played some years back, then quit because you made the levels just way too difficult.  It was no longer any fun to play.  I recently decided to give it another try. I played around 10 or 12 more levels, and for the most part, they had just the right amount of challenge. I hit Level 604, and have gone through countless lives, and still can't get this level. You have NO control over it. NONE! Zilch! That annoying, stupid "magnetized" peanut controls your every pear!  I have been able to get plenty of fire papas, papa grande, papa grande FIRE, and still, can't get all the required raspberries.  And to add salt to the wound, you add spikeys in the bottom corners where it is already difficult enough to get to the raspberries, but you may as well quit the level if there's a spikey there.  Shame on you for going beyond cruel and making this level probably one of the worst ones ever. Once again, I'M DONE with PPS! Not worth the aggravation. And YES, I've watched videos, but again, this level calls for NO SKILL. Just sheer luck. Obviously, I have NO luck. So adios. 

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  • ellkayellkay Posts: 14 ✭✭
    Well, obviously, I don't have any "good luck". I don't know how many times you tried before you finally succeeded, but I lost count. 

    Thanks for your reply and encouragement, but not worth the constant aggravation. 
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     Thank you for answering. Unfortunately, I can not tell you how much longer I've been on it. Because I'm done with Papa Pear. We - players hope that more episodes will come. I've often thought it's not possible, but even if you play after the videos, in the end it ended differently. Boosters do not always help. Better to pick it up. I've been hanging on to Scruuby Dubby at level 372 forever. It's like that, it's fast and then it takes time. You can do it. When I see the list of the players I realized it was done. So it has to work. That always helps me. Just be patient and stay calm. For me it was often like that, when I had informed the customer service, I had made it then. But before that came an answer. That was often like that. If I had barked, then it worked. It works, only courage and patience !!!

     Greeting Peggy

     I wish you success... <3 

  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 427 ✭✭✭✭

     That interested me now with the level 604. Because I can not remember it anymore. I watched the video. That's right, it's a tough level. I had to do too. At that time I had an onion under such a row of peas. I finally made it. I have made 783200 points. In my list are now many who have made it. Actually it is a nice level. Since I'm far ahead, I have only 2 players left. Only I'm done with Papa Pear. You can do it. If you do not think so, then you did it. I often thought so and then it came. For me the tricky times bucket was to fill. Have been hanging on for weeks. I hope that gave you some encouragement now.

     This is the only game that is different than the other sagas.

     Heads up...

     Greeting Peggy =) 

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    Haha! Okay, because of your encouragement, I went back to try again. It took maybe 4 more tries, but I finally passed it! I finally figured out the "trick" to getting a pear up into the lower corner of the raspberries. Not an easy task, but you need precise aim and right rubber bouncer thingy! LOL! 
  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 427 ✭✭✭✭

    Congratulations.  =) 

     There are more beautiful and difficult levels waiting for you. Please keep your nerves and do not give up so fast.

     Since you do you no favor. (:  <3 

     Nice day Peggy B) 

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