Level 1033, no pink light up pins will appear?

hollyrawkhollyrawk Posts: 4
Yesterday the first few attempts the pink light up pin would appear after shooting 7 papas into the same bucket but now they won't appear no matter how many go into the same bucket. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling already but it still didn't work right.


  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 376 Community Moderator
    I played the level myself and could not reproduce this error.
    Please note that you need to shoot 7 Papas in an already lighten up bucket, not 7 in total including the ones you shot to light it up.
  • hollyrawkhollyrawk Posts: 4
    Thanks. I shot like 14 and it still wouldn't occur
     Luckily I passed the level and it's no longer an issue for me!
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