Why is Level 945 so hard to beat? The coconuts 🥥 are like unbreakable.

JaritsaJaritsa Posts: 2
This game used to be so addictive and now it's just getting frustrating 😤 . The coconuts 🥥 are like unbreakable and I can never reach the 4, 495,000 points. I can't keep spending money 💵 on it. Please fix this problem ASAP. It's not fair not get any free boosters to beat the game.

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  • papergirl1papergirl1 Posts: 4
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    This level is impossible, I've been playing this game for a long time, think I have reached the end of my playing this game, it's always been a fun game until this dumb level. I fall short by more that a million every time, I'M DONE

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  • JaritsaJaritsa Posts: 2
    Me too  it's very hard and frustrating cause when you start getting higher points all of the sudden you get a fire 🔥 ball that hits the peas and makes it super hard to beat this level. I have spent money 💵 on power ups and they don't even help at all. They need to fix this problem ASAP and make it easier for everyone to pass or give power ups that will actually help you out in the game.
  • papergirl1papergirl1 Posts: 4
    I can't believe it but I passed this stupid level tonight! I think the key is to avoid the doublers as long as possible, I had x9 when they were hit, then you will have to clear the board obviously, to get the coconuts you have to hit them twice as quickly as possible and try to avoid the dang fire ones, I think I got 4,982,000 so barely got it. Good luck! But I agree, shouldn't be so dang hard!
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