Where did all my lives go and why aren't the game on my desktop, pad and phone the same????

Ginger_FlippoGinger_Flippo Posts: 6
I have only one account, play on my I phone, Google pad and desktop, but the lives my friends send me disappear  and never come back on any of the devices and all are set up on the same e mail account. I also lost all 68 days of successful log ins and I log in every day on all devices???


  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,263 Community Moderator
    Hi @Ginger_Flippo

    Lives are not synced between devices since they are not backed up to Facebook or your King account like your progress and Gold Bars. 

    Therefore Lives can be lost when the game crashes, after clearing the cache on the browser you play on or clearing the cache in the mobile app or after various technical issues either in the game or on the device. 

    Lost Lives cannot be restored I'm afraid, but you can ask for more Lives from your friends as many times you wish. 

    The Daily Login Streak can also be reset due technical issue and you are not able to restore it. Luckily this doesn't affect the game play or causes that you you lose on some rewards. 
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