What's past level 1080?

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Have you already reached level 1080 and no more levels are opening up? 

Level 1080 is the current last level in Papa Pear Saga and no more levels are planned at this moment. It's not either decided when or if new levels will come again in the game. 

You never know what the future brings, but bear in mind, Papa Pear Saga did end on level 555 once upon a time and the Papa Fiesta got started again after a couple of years relax. So better to stay tuned! 

So what can you do now if you wanna keep playing the game?

You can either go back and replay old levels and try to beat your previous scores.

The other alternative is to start the game over again from level 1. You can open a brand new account and will automatically be on level 1. 

If you prefer to play on your existing account, then post your request here below with your Game User ID and we will reset your game manually to level 1 in our system. 

How to find your Game User ID on Facebook check here. On mobile or in the Windows app, check this page instead. 



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