Papa pear won't load on my iPad

avholavhol Posts: 8
When I try to open Papa Pear saga on my iPad it says loading and then goes back to home screen....I have the latest iOS update on my iPad and the papa pear game has been updated....I'm afraid I'll lose my levels...please help

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  • avholavhol Posts: 8
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    That would be great Crazy Cat Lad!!!I would be delighted to get back onto the same level-I don’t have the iPad with me at the moment so tomorrow do u think if I deleted the app and reinstall it then I should be able to get into the game and find the user ID?!
    And yes he is always supervised...we actually play the game without the WiFi on so that’s why the game wasn’t backed up and why it wasn’t through Facebook. I hope we can continue to do the same in the future.
    Thanks for your help 
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  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 2,240 Community Moderator
    Welcome to our Community @avhol ;😃

    If this is still persisting, can you please let me know the following details so I can investigate further?

    - Model and iOS of your device: To find this follow these steps: Settings > General > About > Make a note of the "model" and the "version"

    - Game app version: To find this follow these steps: Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage > select the game> Make a note of the version number

    - Available storage space: To find this follow these steps: Settings > General > Usage in the right column. Under Storage you will see the storage capacity of your device and how much you still have available.

    Thanks :) 

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  • avholavhol Posts: 8
    Hi,thanks for replying....yes this is still an issue-app still saying loading and then crash’s.
    so to answer your questions:
    the ipad model is MC769B/A

    the app version is 1.104.1

    the storage space says
    used 7.9GB
    Available 4.7GB

    I hope this helps,if you need any more information just let me know.
    hope you can help!🤞
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 1,953 Community Moderator
    Thanks @avhol

    Looks like you have an iPad 2 that no longer is fully supported. All iPads are compatible with all our games except iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad Mini 1.

    The things you can try when playing on a not fully supported device is to reinstall the game app.

    Delete the app, restart your device and download the game again from App Store. Then open the game and reconnect to Facebook or Kingdom to get back your levels and Gold Bars.

    If a reinstall doesn't help, other alternative is to do a factory reset on the iPad. This may help to get the game working, but please make sure you have the device properly backed up to iCloud or iTunes before resetting it. 

    Please be aware that it is your responsibility to make sure everything is properly saved in iCloud or iTunes. Furthermore, that a factory reset is no guarantee to get the game working even though it helps in most cases.

    For more info please check these pages about how to do a factory reset and back up your device or contact Apple Support for help. 

  • avholavhol Posts: 8
    I backed up the iPad when the game had crashed so would it still bring me back to the level I was at before the game crashed do you know?!and same question if I reset the iPad?! The game wasn’t played through Facebook so my levels wouldn’t be saved there either....the game is actually played by a 12year old autistic boy and he’d be very upset if he lost his levels so trying to avoid doing that
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 1,953 Community Moderator
    If you didn't have the game backed up on Facebook or a King account, then it's not backed up in our system.

    We can manually restore the levels as well if you get the game working on the iPad or want to start playing on any other device. Just let me know the Game ID and the level and I will move the game to that level. To find the Game ID, check here

    Please note though that the game requires to be at least 18 years old as stated in the Terms & Conditions since it offers in-game purchases, so make sure an adult is playing with him every time. His legal guardian is responsible if any purchases are made.  
  • avholavhol Posts: 8
    Hi Crazy Cat Lad,
    so I deleted the app and reinstalled it and the game is back at the level it was at originally!!!delighted!!dont know how this happened,just glad it did!!!so problem fixed-thanks for your help
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 1,953 Community Moderator


    Your iCloud may have restored it automatically if you have the back up switched on there for the game. 

    I would still recommend to back up the game on a King account, then it's saved in our system and can easily be restored and synced to other devices.  Open the game an tap 'My account' on the start menu before tapping 'Play'. Tap the green button with register with email and follow the steps. 
  • avholavhol Posts: 8
    Ok I’ll do that!!!
    Thank you!!😊
  • avholavhol Posts: 8
    Hello again!
    so in our last messages above(hope u can still see them?!)I had Papa Pear game restored back to the level the child was at!!
    so after been away from the iPad all summer I decided to back up the game on king account and hasn’t the game gone back to level 1again!!!!he was at something like level 837 or something like that!!!
    i used my own personal email when I was setting up account and that’s what happened!! The user ID it gave me on iPad is 10814657109. I thought it was because I had it on my phone also but on my phone I have level 3-I just messaged customer care also hoping one of ye can help me!!!
    i thought I had it backed up on iCloud as I thought that’s how I got it back the last time,but can’t seem to restore it without erasing my device!!please help!
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 1,953 Community Moderator
    Hi @avhol!

    I can restore the game manually for you from here, no probs.

    You will need to connect the game to a King account first using your email address before I can restore it. 

    -Open the game and on the start menu tap the blue button with 'My account'
    -Tap the green 'Register with email' button
    -Fill in all details and tap 'Create my account' 
    -Check the Game ID again since it may have changed when creating an account

    Let me know the new number and I will restore the levels for you.

    How to find the Game ID, check here
  • avholavhol Posts: 8
    Game fixed...back on level 842!!was messaging you and customer care so one of ye fixed it...thank you so much!!!😊
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