Crazy Cat Lad, I have a question

ellkayellkay Posts: 62 ✭✭
Hello, Cat, 

Since I have completed ALL levels in Papa Pear Saga, what would I be able to use the gold bars for in your competition?   I can't currently use the bars that I have won until after August 29th. I don't play any other King games, except for PPS, but as you know, that one is long gone.... dead... no more... :( So I'm not sure if I should continue in the competition, unless the bars can be used after Aug 29, if you are planning to continue the competition. 


  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 3,270 Superstar
    Hello @ellkay@Crazy Cat Lad had an unexpected absence last week but should be back soon and he will be able to answer your question at that time.  Thank you for your patience.  😊

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  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 1,760 Community Moderator
    Hi @ellkay !

    All competitions in the Papa Pear pages are in-game rewards to only Papa Pear Saga and cannot be moved to any other games or cashed out. 

    You can either use the Gold Bars to try to beat old levels and beat your previous score or restart the game again from level 1. You have all the info on this page if you have reached level 1080. 
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