56-Day Streak Reset, but Didn’t Miss a Day

Las_Dea_UnaLas_Dea_Una Posts: 29
I had a 56 day playing streak going as of Monday, September 9th. When I logged in and played on Tuesday, the 10th my streak reset to 1. I knew I had played on the day before, but couldn’t figure out how to prove it until my Screen Time report came out today showing my time playing Papa Pear on Monday. 

The screenshot below shows my current 6 day streak (taken today, Sunday, September 15th.) Which would mean that Day 1 would have been on Tuesday 9/10:

This screenshot shows my Screen Time game play of Papa Pear for Monday 9/9 and each subsequent day:

Can my streak be reinstated to reflect my 62 days of consecutive days of game play?


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 2,255 Community Moderator
    Apologies for the delay on replying to your post @Las_Dea_Una!

    I'm also sorry to see your Daily streak was reset but I'm afraid I have bad news for you :(

    As this feature is not something that gets backed up like your game progress and Gold bars do, it can't be restored. I will however make sure this gets reported to the Studio so they can keep an eye on this.

    I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience 😦

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